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Oregon Wine Services is the Oregon wine industry's largest consumer direct fulfillment providing shipping services for close to 300 of Oregon's wineries. OWS can ship to any state or international destination for which our clients are permitted. OWS strives to implement the current industry technology, and continues to automate and streamline order processing, receiving, and fulfillment shipping for our clients. Our daily tracking number exports to our clients give them the ability to keep on top of their entire direct consumer shipping.

We ship winery client orders Monday through Friday, using both UPS and FedEx services. Our pricing includes all labor and packaging. We offer both styrofoam and environmentally friendly pulp packaging, available in all shipping sizes. Our rigid quality control, with multiple audit points, ensures minimal errors.

In addition to our daily fulfillment services, we also specialize in winery club shipments both large and small. We can include inserts of any kind in these shipments. We also ship wine packaged in wood boxes, holiday gifts sets, POS, and other specialized kits and packages. We also offer "hold until cool/warm" services, for those times of the year when weather poses a risk to our clients' wines.

OWS is a registered third party fulfillment house integrated into ShipCompliant services allowing wineries greater ease in compliance management. This will allow wineries that are utilizing ShipCompliant services to enter orders directly through them and have OWS receive the orders seamlessly.

Oregon Wine Services Direct

Current Number of Open States:
There are 3 states and the District of Columbia that do not require a permit for direct shipment. There are no extra OWS fees, simply send us your order and we will ship it through our normal fulfillment service.

Current Number of Onsite Only States:
There are 4 states that require no permit when the purchase was made onsite. There are no extra OWS fees, simply send us your order identified as an Onsite sale and we will ship it through our normal fulfillment service.

state direct ship designation:

Open States*:
Alaska, District of Columbia, Florida, Minnesota

Onsite Only States:
Delaware, Oklahoma, Rhode Island

Prohibited States - Unless Consumer Obtains Permit
(Please call for details):


Prohibited States - Allows "on-site only" without Permit:

Prohibited States:
Mississippi, Utah, Kentucky

* Open states may still require reporting, depending upon the rules of the state
** Oregon wineries will need an Oregon Direct Shipper's permit to ship to Oregon residents
*** Virginia requires a letter of Authorization to Ship along with associated COLAs